Terms & Conditions

1. Agreement and Acceptance

This is an offer to sell, or a contract of sale for, as the case may be, the goods described in the body of this Sales Order (the 'Goods'), for the price indicated in the body of this Sales Order, between Univa Technologies Pte Ltd ('Seller') and the purchaser identified in the body of this Sales Order ('Purchaser'). Any acceptance of the delivery of the Goods, or any acceptance or confirmation of this Sales Order, expressed or implied, shall constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions in the body of this Sales Order and those outlined in Univa Technologies Pte Ltd ' Sales Order Terms and Conditions ' Items 1 through 11. This Sales Order constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the Goods, and supersedes all previous offers and agreements, whether oral or written, including any request for quotations, quotation, or purchase order. No addition to, or other modification of, this Sales Order shall be binding on Seller unless it is in writing and executed by a duly authorized representative of Seller. In the event of a conflict between any of the terms contained in this Sales Order and those contained in Univa Technologies Pte Ltd' Sales Order Terms and Conditions ' items 1 through 10, the terms in the body of this Sales Order shall control.

2. Open Order Pricing

If Purchaser is buying the Goods pursuant to an open order with Seller, Purchaser understands and agrees that the cost of the Goods is subject to change upon written notice of seven (7) days.

3. Inspection and Approval

The Goods shall be deemed accepted by Purchaser upon physical receipt of Goods unless Purchaser provides Seller with written notice of its rejection of all or part of the Goods, such notice specifying the defect underlying the rejection, within Seven (7) days after initial receipt of the Goods from the same lot. All claims need to be backed by authorized third party test labs for approval.

4. Returns

All returns must be accompanied by a valid Return Material Authorization (RMA) issued by Seller. Seller shall have the sole discretion not to accept returns of non-defective Goods, and may impose a restocking fee of at least 25% as a condition to accepting a return of non-defective Goods. Any returned Goods must be in a new and unused condition and be shipped in their original containers.

5. Order Fulfillment

Should this Sales Order represent a partial fulfillment of a larger order, Purchaser must accept delivery of the remaining Goods within one (6 months) after the initial receipt of goods by Seller unless otherwise specified on the face of this Sales Order.

6. Risk of Loss

Unless otherwise specified on the face of this Sales Order, all deliveries are F.O.B Seller or authorized shipper of Seller. Risk of damage to or loss of, the Goods shall pass to Purchaser upon tender to shipment carrier.If you chose to not have insurance charged for your shipment, the package must ship on the customer's account and Univa will not be responsible for the loss or damage to the package after it's signed for by the customer's chosen carrier.

7. Limited Warranty

Unless otherwise specified on the face of this Sales Order, Seller warrants that the Goods at time of shipment are: (a) new and unused; (b) free and clear of all liens and encumbrances; (c) in material conformance with all specifications, drawings, or descriptions furnished to Seller by Purchaser and accepted by Seller; and (d) of merchantable quality. Seller's obligation under this warranty is limited to the replacement of the product or parts thereof which the Seller reasonably determines do not conform to these warranties. Any action for a breach of this limited warranty must be commenced within one (1) year from the date when the breach was, or should have been, discovered.

8. Cancellation

Seller may cancel any outstanding portion of this Sales Order without penalty in the event Purchaser fails to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this Sales Order. Seller may also cancel any outstanding portion of this Sales Order in the event Purchaser becomes insolvent, is subject to a bankruptcy proceeding, makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or ceases or suspends its normal business operations. Any cancellation by Seller shall be without prejudice to any other rights which Seller may have against Purchaser under this Sales Order otherwise. Purchaser may not cancel this Sales Order or any portion thereof without written approval from the Seller. Purchaser will be responsible for any and all costs incurred by Seller as a result of any cancellation (including, but not limited to the cost of Goods purchased or produced to fulfill this Sales Order which cannot be immediately sold for the same or higher price or returned to Seller's supplier for full refund).

9. Force Majeure

Seller shall not be responsible for delays in producing, procuring, or delivering the Goods caused by: acts of God, fires, war, terrorism, riot or insurrection, strikes or differences with or among workmen, government interference, inability to secure transportation, weather conditions, timing of deliveries from Seller's vendors or suppliers, or other contingencies beyond Seller's control. Should any of the foregoing conditions continue for a period of thirty (30) days after its first occurrence, Seller may cancel this Sales Order without incurring any liability to Purchaser.

10. Payment Instructions

Payment for our supplies/Invoices to be done only to account details mentioned in our invoice. Please do not trust any email/verbal communication on Bank Account Changes. If you find such information report to us. (We are broadcasting this information for monetary safety from cyber Crimes.

11. ITAR. (Export Control)

All items received from Univa are possibly export controlled from the United States by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and may be listed under the United States Munitions List Items. Items shipped from the United States must comply with the requirements specified under U.S. regulations and will be the responsibility of the PURCHASER to obtain all the necessary Authorizations, Licenses or Approvals on behalf of Univa Technologies Pte Ltd

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